Press Release from Local Churches

May 2, 2020

A large gathering of area clergy have made the decision to keep services online until the weekend of May 31.

Part of the process for RCERT, developing plans for reopening Reno County, was the development of subcommittees representing different industries.

One of those subcommittees representing churches of Reno county gathered online for the last several weeks. Between 40 and 60 different leaders representing faith across the county have been meeting to discuss how to handle congregational work during and after the pandemic.

Pastors Quintin Moore of The Father’s House and Andy Addis of CrossPoint Church represented that subcommittee to the county-wide steering committee.

Following the presentation of the steering committee’s plan, the churches represented by the subcommittee decided to delay opening until the weekend of May 30 and 31.

The numbers allowed for gathering safely are so small, and the timeline for phases so potentially fluid, these churches simply decided to push back the date and act together.

While several reasons may be cited for the decision, the predominant thought was safety. One of the largest gathering spots in Reno County is at Sunday morning service. Giving the extra time before coming back together was seen as an act done in an abundance of caution and love for the community.

Secondarily, churches of all sizes and stripes represented in the subcommittee desired to continue to embrace the “unity” they had experienced in working together over the last few weeks. Even though some may have been able to open sooner, choosing a unified reopening time simplifies things for the community and displays solidarity.

Pastor Addis said, “While these times have been difficult, it has been good to work with and enjoy the camaraderie of these leaders across our community. This unity is one thing I hope remains in our ‘new normal.’”

Pastor Moore said, “this crisis has revealed what I have believed for a very long time, our community is blessed to have such committed leaders in every sector of our society. And blessed to have such dedicated pastors who are united in their commitment to the  care for everyone in our community.”

Churches Participating in the Reopening Plan

  • The Father’s House
  • Crosspoint Church
  • Crestview Bible Church
  • Trinity United Methodist
  • Park Place Christian
  • South Hutch United Methodist
  • Crossroads Christian
  • First Church of God
  • Hutchinson Wesleyan Church
  • Hutchinson Friends Church
  • Believers Tabernacle
  • St. Peter’s United Church of Christ, Inman
  • First Mennonite Church
  • Baha’i Church
  • Countryside Baptist
  • First United Methodist
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Journey Mennonite Church
  • First Church of the Nazarene
  • First Congregational Church
  • Pleasant Grove United Methodist
  • Grace Episcopal Church
  • Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
  • Buhler Mennonite Brethren Church
  • Burrton United Methodist Church
  • Mitchell Chapel United Methodist Church
  • Little River United Methodist Church